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Team-Reports Version 2.7 now released

We have published the latest installment to Team-Reports. One of the most significant changes in this release is support for so called “64 bit” versions of Vista and Windows 7. Because of this support, every user must take specific steps in order to get the update. Instructions can be found later in this note and on the Team-Reports website.  Items addressed in this release are:

1. Inclusion of support for the 64 bit version of Vista and Windows 7 operating systems
2. Addition of validation checks:

a. For the presence of a closing date – QuickBooks files without a closing date will not be able to run Team-Reports
b. That the closing date in QB is the same or later then the date a Trustee Report is being run for
c. That NO Inactive accounts have dollars associated with them in the current period
d. Account Descriptions – Descriptions are not supported in Team-Reports because of the way they change the account name. In this version we prevent a report from being run if descriptions are found in Accounts

3. Updated the “Approved account listing”
4. Change in the work-flow of the Trustee Report. Now when you run the Trustee Report you will be prompted for comments on all of the rows in your Schedule C BEFORE you proceed to seeing the report. While you can update the comments later, it is desired that you complete the comments at this point.
5. We implemented feedback from a local who suggested we should have a drop-down list of frequently used comments.
6. Added a new report to show exactly what Major account numbers are to be used to map to particular Line Numbers within the Trustee’s Report 7. Tested and validated Team-Reports for Windows 7 and QuickBooks 2010
8. Improved handling of multiple checking accounts i.e. Ability to RUN full Trustee Report for any bank account (and specify on the first page of the report which checking account the report is being run for)

If you are installing from a previous version of Team Reports, to Install the new version you must first uninstall your current version.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the uninstall function for Windows we have provided a link to a short video to help you  with it below:

If you are installing team reports for the first time, 

To uninstall go to the Control Panel and select Programs, highlight Team Reports and use the remove option.

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